Sunday, 14 July 2013

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin - Opinion

Frankly, I'm shocked. Maybe I'm missing the facts, but as a strong believer that guns are dangerous, it seems to me that this incident could set precedent for others.
What's to stop others from shooting someone's child, frankly 17 is still a child, and claiming that they were attacked or threatened. I've read little to suggest that Trayvon Martin actually attacked or threatened George Zimmerman other than a statement from the shooter himself.
Does this mean that others will use this case to try and get off Scot free on what they may claim was the same situation?
Now I understand that there's an idea of guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. An that people may be hesitant about sending someone to prison without being sure.
Now, say that the incident had happened inside the house, or even at the front door. I could see some threat. But shooting an unarmed kid? 'Black' or not. Regardless of race, it's unacceptable.
Living in the UK, where guns are so heavily restricted that I've never even seen one, it scares me.
For killing a child, for taking any life without serious proof of innocence, I think that he should have been jailed, for manslaughter if not murder.
Tell me what you think? Have I missed some vital information living so far away?

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