Friday, 12 July 2013

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Trial News

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Trayvon Martin Shooting Trial News

George Zimmerman's defence has begun closing arguments in the trial over the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Claiming that he shot Trayvon in self defence, Zimmerman has denied charges of murder. The trial will see a decision made by a jury of six female jurors as to whether George Zimmerman should be jailed for murder, manslaughter or found not guilty and acquitted. There is a possibility that if Zimmerman is released there will be large-scale protests or civil unrest in Florida. There were peaceful protests across the US last year in response to Trayvon Martin's shooting. The jury will begin deliberating later today, Friday 12th July.

Who is George Zimmerman?

George Zimmerman is a Florida, USA resident and a member of his local neighbourhood watch. He is now on trial in the US in relation to his shooting of an unarmed African American teenager in 2012. This shooting was supposedly motivated by Trayvon Martin's race. George Zimmerman is accused of 'profiling' Trayvon. If Trayvon was profiled then George Zimmerman could be found guilty of murder or manslaughter. Profiling is a term used to describe when one person make assumptions about another based on their appearance or behaviour.

Why is the Trayvon Martin Shooting so Controversial?

The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is controversial due to the involvement of two divisive issues, race and guns. The US gun laws debate concerns the possession, carrying and use of guns in the US. Issues of race and hate crime have made the Trayvon Martin shooting controversial as it is argued by some that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon because the latter was African American. Race and race-related hate crimes are hot topics of debate in the US partly due to the disparity between the wealth of white Americans and African Americans.
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