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Napoleon Total War - Review


What is Napoleon Total War about?

The Napoleon Total War game is set during the Napoleonic Wars. You play the game on two levels: the campaign map and battle map. On the campaign map you control regions, cities, towns, navies, armies and agents. You also control the government of your faction, including tax rates and ministers. On the battle map you controls units of soldiers or ships as your army or navy tries to defeat the enemy.

Napoleon Total War - Napoleon's Campaigns

Napoleon's Campaigns features a few of Napoleon Bonaparte's most dramatic campaigns. These include the Italian Campaign, Egyptian Campaign, Europe and finally the Battle of Waterloo. These campaigns are great fun for Total War veterans and novices alike. The Napoleonic French armies benefit from the massed fire of their cannon batteries, hard-hitting bayonet charges from infantry columns and some superb light cavalry who fire their carbines from horseback. You also get to take on all of the major players of the period such as Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia and the Ottoman Empire, as well as some interesting smaller nations.

Napoleon Total War - Campaigns of the Coalition

This aspect of the game lets you take control of a leading faction in the coalition against Napoleon, Great Britain, Austria, Russia or Prussia, and lead their armies against the Napoleonic threat. You can sail the powerful navy of Great Britain against the combined fleets of France and Spain in a recreation of the Battle of Trafalgar, defend to the last man the aged empire of Austria in epic set-piece land battles, drag horse and cannon across the steppes of Russia to lend much-needed aid to your allies, or turn the tide against Bonaparte with the Prussian infantry - the best drilled and equipped infantry in Europe.

Napoleon Total War - Napoleon's Battles

You can also take a leading role in one the major battles of the Napoleonic Wars. These can be played at varying difficulties but each provides unique tactical or logistical challenges to the would-be Emperor of the French.

Napoleon Total War - The Peninsular Campaign

A new update/expansion for Napoleon Total War, this introduces lots of new elements to all levels of the gameplay. The Peninsular Campaign is set in Spain and Portugal during Spanish resistance to French occupation which took place during the late stages of the Napoleonic Wars. Choose to play as either the Spanish, French or British as they struggle for control of the Iberian Peninsula. New agents are available on the campaign map, allowing you to convert enemy settlements' populations. Guerilla tactics also play a large part on all levels, as you lay ambushes with you armies on the campaign map and set traps with a few guerilla units in the midst of a battle.
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